Clinical Student Orientation

Clinical Student and Clinical Instructor Orientation

Welcome! This page is for all nursing, allied health and select disciplines who will be on placement at Scarborough Health Network (SHN). We are pleased that you will be with SHN on your journey to becoming a healthcare professional. You will find a dedicated team of individuals at our hospital to assist you in your pursuit for excellence.

SHN is a scent-free environment. Please do not wear or bring in scented products.

Keeping our workplace safe – it’s a matter of policy.

Scents can cause severe allergic reactions for some people, and can cause serious illness for those people with asthma and COPD.

The word “scent” refers to the odour or smell from things such as cosmetic and cleaning products, plants and flowers. Products labelled as “scent free” or “unscented” are those that have no ‘scent’ added or contain a masking agent that hides the scents from the product (Canadian National Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, CCOHS).

How you can help

  • Use only “unscented” personal products – deodorants, soaps, aftershaves, hair products and hand creams – while at work.
  • Please speak with visitors and staff who wear strong fragrances and educate them about the negative effects of strong fragrances.
  • Please request that visitors and staff take home strongly fragrances flowers and gifts to ensure that patients, residents and staff do not experience discomfort or a severe allergic reaction.

For the comfort of patients, residents, staff and volunteers, Scarborough Health Network (SHN) supports a scent-free environment. Help us maintain a healthy environment for all. Please do not wear scented products to work.

This orientation site includes some key information for you to review prior to your placement at the hospital. Onboarding process utilizes a web application called Alchemer. Alchemer is referred to throughout the following pages.

You must completely review the content on the following pages prior to accessing Alchemer. After reviewing the pages below, you will be instructed how to access Alchemer to fulfill your onboarding requirements. 

Your mandatory onboarding must be completed, at minimum, 7-days PRIOR to the start of your placement. Any delay in completing your mandatory onboarding will result in a late-start of your placement, late computer access and late access to an ID badge. All Clinical Students and all clinical instructors are required to complete the mandatory onboarding each term they are in placement at SHN, even if SHN staff and consecutive terms. There are no exceptions.

Orientation sections