Maternal Newborn Care

Maternal Newborn Care

We’re here for you.

Just like family.

Thank you for choosing to deliver your baby at Scarborough Health Network (SHN). We look forward to providing you with an outstanding care and delivery experience.

Our Birthing Centres are nationally recognized for providing culturally sensitive, respectful, and responsive care that meets our patients’ unique needs.

We are also home to Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) at each of our hospitals. Our NICUs are able to look after newborns as premature as 30 weeks.

Access to Care

Contact us

Birchmount hospital
4th Floor, Unit 4C


Centenary hospital
Main floor

416-284-8131 ext. 4047

General hospital
2nd Floor, East Wing


Find a Midwife

Midwives provide care throughout women’s pregnancy, labour, and birth, as well as care for moms and their newborns six weeks after birth. At SHN, midwives are part of our team. We have partnerships with two midwifery organizations. For more information, or to make an appointment, please contact them.

Diversity Midwives

Sages-Femmes Midwives
416-286-2228 or 905-409-6447

Trillium Midwives

Ontario midwives are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and services are free to clients.

BestFeeding App

With our BestFeeding, you can:

  • Time and log breastfeeding sessions.
  • Track breast pumping sessions.
  • Log baby’s wet and soiled diapers.
  • Search for breastfeeding clinics.
  • Find reliable health information for moms and babies.

Our Services

Getting Care During Pregnancy

Antenatal Assessment Clinic
If your pregnancy needs close monitoring because you're having twins, or have high blood pressure or diabetes, your doctor or midwife can refer you to this clinic for ultrasound testing and other non-stress tests and services.
Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit
Expectant mothers with non-critical pregnancy complications at less than 13 weeks who need care at the hospital can be seen at this specialty clinic instead of going to the Emergency department.
Hospital Birth Doula Program
We are the first hospital in Ontario to offer a formal doula program. Under this program, you can ask for a doula to be part of your labour and delivery.
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Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes
We offer classes to expectant parents before they have their baby to help prepare them for breastfeeding. Our classes are free and registration is not required.
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Prenatal Classes
Prenatal and childbirth education classes provide families with important information and build skills that will help you during childbirth and the first few weeks of parenthood.
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Genetic Counselling
Our regional genetics clinic is located at our Centenary hospital. We offer genetic counseling services to expectant families and families who are looking to have a baby.
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Having Your Baby
The birth of your baby is a life-changing experience for your family.

Our health-care team will help you make this a memory to cherish.

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Getting Support After Going Home

Family Care/Follow-up Clinic
After having your baby, moms and families are given an appointment to come back to the hospital for a follow-up consultation with a paediatrician and nurse.
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Breastfeeding Clinics
Our Breastfeeding Clinics provides support to all women who have questions about or issues with breastfeeding. New moms are encouraged to use the clinic as long as needed.
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Living and Learning with Baby
Living and Learning with Baby is a free program provided by Toronto Public Health nurses, which offers education and resources for new parents.
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