Mental Health

Mental Health Care

Scarborough Health Network provides mental health care services to meet the unique needs of individuals experiencing mental illness.

These include inpatient and crisis services, as well as outpatient programs that help patients transition with greater ease from hospital to the community and to reduce the stigma often associated with mental illness. We also have support and social recreational programming for individuals and families affected by severe and persistent mental illness.

Our community-based focus emphasizes the importance of helping patients remain in the most appropriate environment (home or the community) to achieve their optimal level of well-being.

Our Services

Addictions Program
Help for individuals who are currently experiencing substance use difficulties
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Adult Inpatient
Mental health care services for individuals who are living with mental illness and who require hospitalization
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Adult Outpatient
Individual and group programming for people living with a mental illness
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Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Integrated services for children and adolescents with significant mental health problems
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Community Mental Health Programs
Support for people with mental health conditions so that they can live more stable and independent lives
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Crisis Support
Support for individuals currently accessing mental health care services, as well as those requiring mental health care services for the first time
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Justice and Mental Health
Services for patients with a mental health diagnosis or those needing assessment who have been involved with the court system
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Geriatric Mental Health Outreach
Consultation for nursing home staff to help them care for patients with concerning behaviours in an effort to avoid hospitalization
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