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SHN President and CEO Elizabeth Buller answers your questions about Transforming Care and clinical services planning in the first edition of You Ask, We Answer.

What is Transforming Care?

Transforming Care is SHN’s innovative and exciting clinical services planning process. The Executive Lead for Transforming Care is Dr. Bert Lauwers, Executive Vice President, Medical and Clinical Programs.

SHN’s clinical program teams, along with our community health partners, will review our clinical services and identify how we can work together to design the best system to meet the needs of Scarborough and our surrounding community.

Aligned to our Strategic Plan, this important work will be guided by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) quadruple aim:

  • Improving the health of our population
  • Enhancing and expanding the patient experience
  • Creating the best value for the work we do
  • Improving the work life of those who deliver care

What can I expect?

Over the next several months, teams will come together to review the care and services we provide throughout SHN. The scope of Transforming Care is to re-evaluate our clinical programs and services. We will be optimizing our three acute care hospitals and identifying how we can strengthen the services we provide, address any gaps in care that currently exist, and where we can enhance partnerships with community partners and our primary care practitioners.

Why are we doing this?

Transforming Care will spur us to build on the great quality of care we currently provide.

It is no small undertaking, but it is a crucial step toward realizing our vision of being Canada’s leading community teaching health network, and improving our patients’ lives through exceptional care. This is at the heart of Transforming Care.

What if I think my program is pretty good already?

People in Scarborough deserve the best. That is why our health care services are adapting to the changing health landscape and to the unique needs of the community we serve. Through Transforming Care, we will be bold and innovative as we design programs and services to meet our community’s current and growing needs.

Isn't this the same thing as SHN2030 or master planning?

Transforming Care is about creating the best programs within our existing infrastructure, while SHN2030 is about the future of hospital facilities for Scarborough in 2030 and beyond.

How will we approach Transforming Care?

We will approach our discussions and planning with a health equity and inclusion focus, remembering the barriers to accessing care that many of our patients face.

We will reach consensus on decisions, prioritizing our patients’ safety, their quality of care, and access to services.

We will value and seek ideas and input from SHN staff and Scarborough community members.

We will be transparent in our deliberations and open about how we make choices and decisions.

We will be courageous in our acts, inclusive in our hearts, compassionate to those around us, and innovative in our thinking.