Research at Scarborough Health Network (SHN) is an undertaking intended to extend knowledge through disciplined inquiry and systematic investigation that complies with the Canadian Tri-Council Policy Statement for Conducting Research in Humans (TCPS2), the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki, and the Personal Health Information Act.

One of SHN’s four strategic directions is Transforming the patient experience through Innovation, Education and Research. As such, the Research Office supports innovative health research that is conducted by our staff and physicians and Family Medicine residents as part of their program. The Research Office collaborates in health research initiatives with other organizations, staying up to date on the latest research SHN’s staff and physicians lead and participate in. This includes numerous health research initiatives aimed at providing the best quality of care to our patients.

The Research Office is responsible for the initial review of all research, ensuring all research maintains REB approval, supporting researchers in their research, credentialing of research staff and reviewing all research contracts.

At SHN, the Research Ethics Board’s (REB) clear moral foundation requires that people will not be disadvantaged by research participation. The SHN REB is responsible, on behalf of the hospital, for ensuring that the rights, safety, and well-being of clinical trial participants are the most important consideration — even above the interests of science. The basic ethical principles of the REB are to do no harm (non-maleficence), to disclose all facts, to communicate truthfully (veracity), and to conduct valid research.

Research Submission and Amendment Forms

Please find below the SHN REB Application Package along with a Researcher’s guide for submission preparations.

Amendment documents are also available for current studies that require changes, renewals, study closures/completions, and adverse event and safety reports.

REB Policies and Procedures

Credentialing Research Personnel

Some studies may require access to hospital information. Research Personnel from outside the hospital must be credentialed in order to gain access to IT, Health Records, and ID badges for working on hospital grounds.

Do You Have Questions?

For questions or clarifications regarding the REB process (including whether the submission qualifies as a delegated review or a full board review)

Research Associate

416-289-8131 ext. 4309

For questions about REB membership, research contracts, etc.

Research Manager